Currently I am studying a Master in Business Administration at the Melbourne Business School, within this course I have lectures focused on product management, consumer behaviour, and brand management. I looking to drive the scope of my career toward brand strategy, being capable to transform a concept to a space that communicates a company values.

As an architect, I gained strong experience in retail design and project management. As the head of handbags Chilean retailer’s architecture department. I was in charge of the design, construction and maintenance of its chain stores. Successfully opening 6 shops in 12 months, expanding its presence from 17 to 21 commercial centers throughout Chile. My duty was to develop the whole process, from concept to store opening, create a brand’s image, layout, furniture, lighting and storefronts, as well as budgeting, purchasing materials, planning the timetable and leading a team of workers, technicians and contractors.

During my architecture undergraduate studies in Chile and Italy and my internship in Spain, I have been part of international work teams, developing different projects with people from different places and backgrounds.

My final project to obtain the architect grade was the recovery of a hillside of the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, through a boutique hotel that took advantage of a scenic location, just minutes from the commercial and Business Dictrict. The aim of the project is to recover for the community the threatened native flora of Mediterranean weather of that area of Chile, being in charge of the maintenance and summing forces with the Chahual Botanic Garden.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me at: eacastrog@gmail.com



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